Friday, December 18, 2009


With the clock ticking, three orphans hope to travel to Moscow on our Lighthouse Project trip in January. Without host families, they are unlikely to make the journey. Families have until Monday, December 21, to sign up, and need passports in hand now to make the trip.

Alexander M., age 13, is described by Love, our Russian coordinator, as a “wonderful” boy. She was so sad when she saw he was not included on our initial trip list that I decided it was mandatory he be given a chance to come. Alexander is described by a teacher as a friendly boy, usually in a good mood, who needs a family very much. When asked if he has many friends, he said yes, explaining “the whole orphanage is my friend!”

Evgeniy, 12, has lived in the orphanage six years since his mother died. He would love to have a family. His dream is that nobody in the world would be bad, and he would like to make the world a brighter and happier place. He is my favorite child I met on my recent trip to nine orphanages in Russia.

Alexander Z., 10, is in fourth grade. He enjoys math, reading, Russian, and art. He would like to work at a factory when he gets older so he can produce something helpful. He likes friends who are kind, reliable, and don’t fight. Sledding and skiing are favorite winter pastimes. He knows how to milk cows, speaks a little English, and likes playing soccer. On our recent Moscow trip, he had a quiet, genuine charm, was helpful in the kitchen, and was an absolute pleasure to be around.

For more information on these children or our January 13-18 trip, please call Becky at (616) 245-3216.