Friday, October 16, 2009

Still Waiting, Still Time

There are still four or five children in need of hosts for the Moscow Russian Orphan Lighthouse Project trip. Interested travelers have until Monday, October 19, to sign up; after that time, it will not be possible to obtain a visa quickly enough. Total cost is estimated to be about $1500 per person, assuming double occupancy, and includes airfare, lodging, all sightseeing, ground transportation, and some meals. Call Becky at (616) 245-3216 for more information.

I do not have biographical information on Alexander, age 8, which makes promotion difficult. He is in special need, as his age and orphanage location make him very vulnerable to a foster care placement within Russia. While we hope to do another Moscow trip in January, Alexander is reasonably likely to already be in foster care at that time, if he does not have a family working toward his adoption.

Dmitry, age 12, is confident, at times forgetting to wait for the translator to translate his words before continuing on. When asked when he’d entered the orphanage, he immediately gave the exact date, and said he has no regrets at being there. His hope is someone will take him and he’ll get to live with a family. He wants the family to be good, but neither too poor nor too rich. He would very much like a family with other children so they could play together.

Nikolai, age 10, is a voracious reader and would like to be a bodyguard so he can keep people safe. When he lived in a village, he helped to take care of a cow, but said he was scared of it. He enjoys sports, and likes to be the goalie when he plays soccer.

Alexander, age 10, is Nikolai's best friend. He would like to work in a factory some day, so he can produce something helpful. He also enjoys reading, and says when he took care of the same cow that Nikolai did, he was not afraid to milk it. He appreciates kind, reliable friends who don't fight.